I Just Found a Hidden Section of on-Sale Nordic Ware Baking Pieces at Amazon, and I'm Adding Everything to My Cart ASAP

Who could resist these fall-themed bundt, cakelet, and loaf pans.

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Nordic Ware Fall Pans Tout


As an East Coast native, fall has always held a special place in my heart. Leaves change to warm shades of orange, yellow, and brown, the air gets lighter, and we’re all more encouraged to set time aside for cozy meals and sweet treats. It’s my time to shine, since I am a baker. And once I saw these Nordic Ware fall themed pans, it immediately inspired me to plan my next project. 

With detailed patterns of leaves, acorns, and pumpkins, you can bake up loaves, mini treats, and bundt cakes that’ll capture the essence of fall in every way, from taste to appearance. And best of all — a lot of them are on sale. Shop the six best deals below up to 35% off, I know I will be. 

Best Nordic Ware Fall Bakeware Deals 

10-Cup Autumn Wreath Bundt Pan

Amazon Nordic Ware Autumn Wreath Bundt Pan


I think every kitchen needs a bundt pan, and this wreath version deserves to be at the center of your dessert spread. On the inside of the pan, you’ll find carefully etched leaves and acorns to imprint a festive design to whatever you bake up. I love the idea of using it for pumpkin bread, an apple cider doughnut cake, a maple cake, a pound cake, and more. The pan itself holds up to 10 cups of batter, and has a nonstick coating to help preserve the delicate designs. Score it now while it’s 23% off. 

Harvest Bounty Loaf Pan

October Amazon Prime Day Nordic Ware Harvest Bounty Loaf Pan


This loaf pan is sure to bake up only the most festive pumpkin bread, I’m sure of it. It has a standard rectangular shape, with a 10.1 by 5.7 by 3.2 inch overall size, and can fit about 6 cups (a little more than your standard loaf pan). Once baked, the sides of the loaf will have a chic ribbed design, while the top will be adorned with magical looking pumpkins, acorns, and pinecones. I think it’s the perfect pan to use if you want to give a loaf to a loved one, if you have guests coming over, or if you just simply want to get into the fall spirit. Made with the same material as the bundt pan, its oven safe up to 400℉. 

Wheat and Pumpkin Loaf Pan

Amazon Nordic Ware 93448 Wheat & Pumpkin Cast Loaf Pa


This is another version of a stunning fall loaf pan. It has a more oblong, oval shape, with a scalloped edge and pumpkin and wheat design on top that’s reminiscent of the season. The sides of this pan have helper handles to make it easier to transfer from the oven to the cooling rack with ease. I love the idea of buying this pan, as well as the other, and baking some fresh pumpkin bread or apple bread to pair together. 

Harvest Mini Loaf Pan

Amazon Nordic Ware Harvest Mini Loaf Pan


This pan makes the cutest mini loaves that’ll be embellished with only the most fitting designs: a turkey, a leaf, a pumpkin, a squirrel, and acorns. Each little loaf will fit just under a cup each for perfect baked treats. Made with aluminum and the brand's PFOA-free nonstick coating, these’ll allow for evenly baked goods and seamless release once baked. It’s the perfect pan to grab for fall, especially while it’s on sale. 

Autumn Treats Pan

Amazon Nordic Ware Autumn Treats Pan


This mini treats pan is the one I have my eye on most. It will allow you to bake anything from cakes to other quick breads in the shape of acorns, pumpkins, and leaves. There are six rounded cavities for each little treat for festive breakfast, snack, or dessert treats. I’m eyeing it specifically because I think it’ll make for the best treat to add to a festive fall dessert board for a party or a movie night with some other bits and bobs. Even though it’s little, the options are endless. 

Pro Cast Original 12-Cup Bundt Pan

Amazon Nordic Ware Pro Cast Original Bundt Pan Bakeware


You can’t really go wrong with a classic bundt pan, so if the fall decor isn’t your style, you can still bake a pumpkin, apple, or spice loaf in this stunning 35% off pan. It has a very classic bundt pan design, with ridges to create a nice pattern all along the top of the cake. The ridges don’t only just add a design touch — they also help catch any glazes or icings you might want to pop on top. It’s made with aluminum to help heat and bake up the bundt, with a PFOA-free nonstick coating to prevent any precious pieces of cake from sticking.

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